About Parrish Security Group

Parrish Security Group is an American owned company that was established to fill a void in the security industry created by the consolidation our industry has experienced over the past 15 years.  In this consolidation, many strong regional providers who delivered quality services to their clients were purchased by the larger companies in the security industry.  This has resulted in the degradation of service provided to clients as the larger companies have failed to elevate service due to the integration issues with these acquisitions.

After working in the security industry for over 25 years, our founder has witnessed this consolidation first hand having worked for several quality providers that were in turn acquired by much larger firms.  The result of these acquisitions was apparent in the lowering of service standards, reduced training, and the drive to sell new business at any cost.  The effect was a lowering service delivery and stagnated wages. 

PSG was established with of the belief that there is a market for a provider who will adhere to a quality approach to security in all phases of the business from training, hiring, pay and benefits, technology, and customer service. We believe that a quality approach will enhance security, improve customer service, improve employee morale, and result in a more efficient security model.

If you are looking at our website and are searching for a true partner who will work to improve your security program, then we believe you have found the right fit for your security needs.  We desire to meet with you and discuss how Parrish Security Group can help you improve your security program.

Mission Statement

At Parrish Security Group, our mission is to elevate standards in the security industry by delivering truly exceptional customer service, providing industry leading wages and benefits and focusing on professional training for all our employees serving our customers.  We believe that our people are our greatest asset and that all we do should ensure that we employ and retain the best security professionals in our industry.  We will provide industry-leading service in all phases of our operation from compensation to training.

At Parrish Security Group, we believe that integrity is more than a word.  It is part of our corporate culture and approach to customer service and employee relations.  We are committed to the provision of service with the highest standard for integrity in all that we do.  From the integrity of our training programs to integrity in dealing with client and employee relationships – we promise to operate our business with the highest level of integrity.


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