Superior Service Starts with Superior Training

PSG believes that the delivery of superior service starts with superior training and holding our company and our employees to a higher standard.  Many firms are satisfied with meeting the minimum training requirements of the state in which they operate.  At PSG, we believe that by elevating the level of training provided to our employees, we will be able to provide superior service to our clients.  We believe in a balanced approach to training with a strong emphasis on instructor-led programs.  The approach by most providers today has taken the human element out of training new employees and has largely been done as a cost saving measure rather than a service improvement necessity.  At PSG, we believe that the bulk of any employees training should be conducted in a classroom environment and augmented by web-based technologies.  In this way, we believe that our training program will elevate the performance of our employees and will result in superior performance for our clients.

Pre-Assignment Training

At PSG, every applicant must attend and pass a 24-hour instructor-led initial training program in order to be considered for employment.  While we recognize that this requires a firm commitment from our employees, we also recognize that this results in a better trained more highly motivated employee.  While we acknowledge that technology can play an important role in training, we are committed to the instructor-led methodology as the core of our security offerings.   Our clients are encouraged to attend this training to see the difference.

On-The-Job Training

Each client facility is different and has a unique requirement based upon numerous factors.  At PSG, this OJT is conducted by a manager who is fully aware of your individual requirements. This personalized approach to training ensures each client that we have has taken the time to ensure your officers are well trained to your requirements and have the tools to perform their duties to your specifications.  This program is developed individually for each client, is fully documented, updated annually, and approved by each client prior to implementation.

On-Going Training

Once the officer has successfully completed the pre-assignment training, attended the OJT training, and is assigned to your facility, training should not stop.  PSG is committed to the provision of continual on-going training programs for all our employees.  This training will be a combination of instructor-led training and the utilization of web-based learning.  This training will focus on those topics that our clients indicate they would like to provide for their security team.  In addition, we will conduct on-going training of our officers while conducting on-site inspections and management visits. 


Our officers will also have access to our on-line learning portal with hundreds of subjects available.  This training will be tracked and used to help PSG evaluate our employee’s career development and for possible promotional consideration.

At PSG, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive on-going training program for our clients and employees and would welcome our client’s participation in the development of a targeted on-going training program designed to meet your individual needs.

Monthly Training Seminars

In addition to the training programs listed above, the company will sponsor monthly training seminars on more advanced topics germane to our industry.  These classes will be taught by subject matter experts and will be open to all employees as a career enhancement opportunity.  At Parrish Security Group, we believe that we have a responsibility to train, mentor, and prepare our employees for future leadership roles in our company and our industry.  Our training seminar schedule will be available on-line to all our employees and clients so that anyone unable to attend will have the ability to view the program on-line.

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