Improved Productivity Through Improved Technology

At PSG, we recognize that technology will play an increasing role in the security programs of clients and can be used to enhance the performance of security officers serving these clients.  Unlike many companies that still use paper timesheets, PSG utilizes web-based time collection to ensure accuracy in payroll and billing.    At PSG, every officer will sign in/out using a variety of web-based solutions and each client will have connectivity to our web portal.  Not only will this replace the need for paper time sheets, it will ensure real time tracking of hours for clients, employees, and management. 

By ensuring that each client is provided with this technology solution assigned to their contract, PSG will be able to provide the following technology enhancements for each client:

  • Electronic sign In/out of officers
  • GPS tracking of the officers location and real time monitoring of account activities
  • Incident reporting and tracking
  • Electronic standard operating procedures (Post Orders)
  • Patrol tracking
  • Virtual inspections
  • Web-based training portal

Each client will be able to monitor the officer’s activities real time, which ensures transparency for all our clients regarding our performance on your site.

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