Uniformed Protection 

Having a uniformed officer can deter criminal or malicious activity, but this may not be enough to meet your security needs.  Merely having a uniformed presence is often not enough to protect your facility.  If the officers are not well trained, attentive to their duties, and properly equipped to protect your people, your security program will fail to meet your needs.

Therefore, selecting the right security provider is critical to ensure the protection of your people and property.  Your contractor should have a strong commitment to providing industry leading training, highly selective screening and hiring standards, above average pay and benefits, and superior management and supervision. 

The following four pillars of security will ensure that your security team preforms to your expectations:

Superior training with every officer attending our 24-hour basic training program

Above average industry pay and benefits – Attracts and helps retain the best talent

100% screening and hiring programs – Ensures that only the best applicants are employed as PSG security professionals

Quality management – Ensure that your officers are properly trained and supervised in the performance of their duties. 

Parrish Security Group recognizes the importance of our people and we are fully committed to hiring and retaining the best security professionals.  We believe that by providing higher wages, better training and management concerned with employee development, we will be able to provide superior service to our custo


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