Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team believes in a quality approach to all phases of the business, from hiring to training to pay to benefits to technology. Above all, PSG believes in stellar customer service and high employee standards.

Tom Parrish, Founder & CEO

Mr. Parrish is a visionary expert in Security operations whose innovation, expertise and drive are revolutionizing the security field.”

– David Becker, Security and Defense Intelligence Expert

With a 30 year background in the security industry, it’s a passion for perfection that led Tom to create the Parrish Security Group. Tom is uniquely qualified to bring about a challenge to the status quo in security contracting including his tenure with the US Army, followed by a career of building successful multi-million dollar businesses and teams.

Establishing a reputation for valuing relationships and fostering an environment of excellence were the top goals driving the vision of the Parrish Security Group. What really makes PSG a stand-out in the industry is the dedication to superior wages, training, and unparalleled benefits which all feed into bringing a higher standard of service to our clients.

Our History

Parrish Security Group (PSG) was established in 2015 to fill a void in the security industry created by consolidations that Tom Parrish felt degraded the level of client services and employee welfare.

He wanted to make a different kind of security company: one with a quality approach that enhances security, elevates customer service and improves employee morale.

It’s about measurable excellence. We produce great results by developing great people, and our training standards far exceed state requirements. And we’re not just hired contractors—we’re part of your company’s values and goals.

We make it our mission to elevate standards in the security industry. We deliver truly exceptional customer service, provide industry-leading wages and benefits, and focus on professional training for all of our employees. We believe that our people are our greatest asset, so we focus on employing and retaining the best security professionals in the business. 

From our operations in Houston, Dallas, Waco and Oklahoma City we serve the following industries:

Commercial Real Estate Security

Warehouse and Industrial Security

Technology & Data Center Security

Corporate Campus Security

Residential Security

From Our Clients

I have been to several locations that use Parrish Security Group for security. I have witnessed their officers encounter people regarding some rules issue. A good security officer will approach a person with a presence of authority but treat the person with dignity. The person will leave the situation feeling respected, and their relationship with the place of business stays positive. It seems that Parrish Security Group does a good job of discerning which people to place in these positions.

My relationship with Parrish started about 6 years ago, and my first impression was that they were a company with high values and benefits like no other in their industry. The guards they handpicked based on my needs exceed any other in my 18 years of Class A building management. I feel good in knowing that they have accrued vacation, sick time and 401K opportunities they deserve.

I currently have Parrish on all of my properties and will continue to do so.

Mary Ann

Great, honest, knowledgeable, professional people, absolutely hassle-free. Great to work with. Highest recommendations for Parrish Security Group!

Superior Training You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

The security industry in general has about a 100% employee turnover rate per year. Yes, you read that right: 100%. And some smaller firms have 400% turnover.

At PSG, our employee turnover rate is 31.2%. Why?

Our turnover rate is low because we’re not only very careful who we hire, but once we hire them, we pay as much as 20% over the average hourly wage in the cities we operate.

Industry Employee Turnover Rate
PSG Employee Turnover Rate

The PSG Wage Advantage

Dallas Market

Houston Market

Our Basic Hiring Requirements

We give a lot, but we ask for a lot as well. Client confidence is paramount, so every potential employee must pass the following screening and requirements:

  • Seven-year criminal record check in all counties of residence

  • Initial and random drug testing

  • I-9 verification

  • High-school diploma or GED

  • Employment verification

  • Minimum of 18 years of age

  • DMV records search

  • Complete 24 hours of instructor-led training with a passing score of 80% as a pre-assessment

To be considered for employment at PSG, every applicant must attend and pass a 24-hour, instructor-led initial training program.

This requires a firm commitment from our employees, and this process results in a better-trained, highly motivated worker. This instructor-led methodology, rather than distance learning, is one of the core values of our company. We urge our current and potential clients to attend this training to see the difference this direct training makes.

Our Employee Benefits

Remember that low turnover figure? There’s a reason for that. Great people deserve great benefits, and ours are second to none.

In addition to our industry-leading wages, our employees receive:

  • Free Uniforms

  • Recognition Programs
  • Attendance awards

  • Medical, insurance plans: 50% of the premium paid by PSG

  • Dental & Vision plans available

  • 401K program with company matching percentages—enrollment at 60 days

PSG Employee 401k Participation


Our Employees Say:

“This company is amazing! The leadership leads by example and rewards hard work and professionalism. If you want a career in the security industry that will be second to none, this is the place.”

“Since being with Parrish Security Group, I have had nothing but positive experiences. They are consummate professionals who understand that security is a career that can develop individual growth and develop real relationships with their clients. They are always seeking ways to improve the industry and provide for their customers a quality service.”

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