What is Data Center Security?

It’s the physical practices and virtual technologies used to protect a data center from external threats and attacks.

While your internal team is providing digital security, PSG provides physical security for the site to make sure all bases are covered.

For private companies moving to the cloud, data centers reduce the cost of running their own centralized computing networks and servers. They provide services like data storage, backup and recovery, data management, and networking.

Because these centers hold sensitive or proprietary information, including customer data or intellectual property, they have to be both digitally and physically secured.

PSG Follows Best Practices

There are many aspects of physical security at data centers. PSG understands the complexities and uses time-tested techniques:

We Know and Protect the Most Vulnerable Areas

Every data center has weak areas that are more prone to physical attacks. These areas, which need high security at all times, including:

Computer/server Rooms

This is where primary data activities happen. Be it hosting a network or storing data, the primary processes of a data center are performed by the machines there.

Data Storage Locations

It’s important that you store data safely, but you also must ensure its availability, sanctity and integrity at all times. PSG knows that this means the data storage facility will need heavy protection from physical attacks.

Wiring Rooms

This area hosts the wiring of the entire data center. Usually, this is where the alarm systems and firewalls are located. If someone were to shut down any of these systems, it would be easy for them to conduct a remote data breach or completely shut down a server. At PSG, we know this room must be protected at all costs.

This is undoubtedly the age of data. Ensuring that your organizational data is kept physically secure is a top priority. At PSG, we know the more secure your data is, the more your clients will trust you.

PSG has the experience and the officers to understand your unique data center security needs, provide training and ongoing security to protect and defend your data center.

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