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Learn more about the benefits and training you’ll receive as part of the Parrish Security Group.

The Wages

Job turnover is a real problem in the security industry, which is why we pay above the security industry average wage. In fact, we pay up to 20% more on average than industry average wage. We value experience, training, job performance and we show it through industry leading benefits.

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Our Employee Benefits

Remember that low turnover figure? There’s a reason for that. Great people deserve great benefits, and ours are second to none.

In addition to our industry-leading wages, our employees receive:

  • Free Uniforms

  • Recognition Programs
  • Attendance awards

  • Medical insurance plans: 50% of the premium paid by PSG
  • Dental and Vision plans available
  • 401K program with company matching percentages—enrollment at 60 days

Our Basic Hiring Requirements

We give a lot, but we ask for a lot as well. Client confidence is paramount, so every potential employee must pass the following screening and requirements:

  • Seven-year criminal record check in all counties of residence

  • Initial and random drug testing

  • I-9 verification

  • High-school diploma or GED

  • Employment verification

  • Minimum of 18 years of age

  • DMV records search

  • Complete 24 hours of instructor-led training with a passing score of 80% as a pre-assessment

To be considered for employment at PSG, every applicant must attend and pass a 24-hour, instructor-led initial training program.

This requires a firm commitment from our employees, and this process results in a better-trained, highly motivated worker. This instructor-led methodology, rather than distance learning, is one of the core values of our company. We urge our current and potential clients to attend this training to see the difference this direct training makes.

Real Reviews of Working for PSG

The Rewards

Parrish Security Group is a company that rewards hard work and professionalism. I myself started in an entry-level position, and during the three years that I have worked for this company, I have been given several opportunities to work in positions of leadership.

The Rewards

I have recommended this company to several others, and those who decided to come aboard have worked their way into supervisor roles. During my time with this company, I also have worked at several different posts for Parrish Security, and I am always astounded by the hard work and dedication of the officers employed by this company.”

Opportunities for Advancement

I have been (working for PSG) since 2018 what started as a temporary job I needed to get a car turned into a career that I enjoy. In my short time here, I have worked at dozens of sites, and I have enjoyed working at most of them. I was able to quickly move into a supervisory position. If you are interested in working in the security field and want a fast-tracked career, this is the place

Great Management

I have worked for this company for the last few years, and I’ve enjoyed being an employee. My supervisor is a good guy and values the people who work for him. I would recommend others to work for this company as well.

Continual Training

The training never stops at PSG. We believe that the delivery of superior service starts with superior training that holds our employees to a higher standard. Unlike most other security firms, we’ve not satisfied with just meeting the minimum training requirements of the state where we operate.

We know that by elevating the level of training provided to our employees, we provide superior service to our clients.

Our approach to training is balanced, with a strong emphasis on instructor-led programs. Again, this differentiates us from other firms. Their training has taken out the human element to cut costs rather than improve service. At PSG, the bulk of our training is conducted in a classroom environment and only augmented by web-based classes. We give our employees the tools they need to excel—for us, for them and for you.

On-the-job Training:

We Know One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We know your facility is different from others and has unique requirements. At PSG, on-the-job training is conducted by a manager who is fully aware of your individual requirements. This personalized approach to training gives you confidence that we’ve taken the time to ensure your assigned officers are aware of your needs and have the tools to perform their duties to your specifications.

We develop an individualized program just for you, fully document the process and update it annually, and we get your approval before implementation.

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