Gated Community Residential Services

Safe and Secure at Home

At Parrish Security Group (PSG), we want to be an integral part of your gated community’s security program to provide:

  • Enhanced security and safety for your residents.

  • Superior protection for all residents, their guests and family members.

  • Improved customer service focus for your security team.

  • A team of security experts ready to assist your internal team in meeting tomorrow’s security needs.

Our Customized, Specialized Approach

PSG takes a quality approach to the provision of service to ensure that your facility is provided the best possible security services. 

We know that your residential community requires a customized approach from any security provider. The officers assigned need excellent communications and customer service skills. While you want residents to feel welcome, they also must feel safe and secure. Striking the right balance requires the correct approach and specific training.

Above-average pay and benefits for our staff.

Superior training tailored to residential communities.

Comprehensive pre-screening of all officers.

Strong management focused on customer service and continuous improvement.

At PSG, we believe that training is critical to the development of our officers, and we provide industry-leading training that exceeds state requirements. Our training programs focus on instructor-led classes but also incorporate technology with a comprehensive online learning management system.
Our personalized approach means that the officers assigned to your facility have been trained to your requirements.

Examples of this training include:

  • Customer service and communications.
  • Homeowner Association compliance.
  • Neighborhood and individual property checks.
  • Contractor screening.
  • Traffic control.
  • Entry and exit control.
  • Customer service training.
  • Emergency response.
  • Proper patrol techniques.
  • Report writing.

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