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Corporate Campus Security

A strong security infrastructure is vital when you have a large commercial campus. It’s not just about managing thousands of employees and their safety. Total security means keeping your campus secure from theft, arson, vandalism and other criminal activity. 

Even very large tech-savvy companies suffer campus security issues. In 2016, the Google corporate campus had its windows shot at and an electric car firebombed. Don’t let this happen to you!

You Need Quality Security Services

At Parrish Security Group (PSG) we recognize the challenges of keeping commercial campuses secure, and we use our expertise and experience to provide officers who understand the increasing complexities of commercial campus security requirements. We take a quality approach to the provision of service to ensure that your facilities are provided the best possible security services. 

At PSG, we believe quality includes: 

  • Above average pay and benefits for our officers

  • Superior, specialized training tailored to the commercial environment

  • Comprehensive screening of all officers

  • Strong management that’s focused on customer service and continuous improvement

Business and Corporate Campus Menu of Services

At PSG, we believe that training is critical to the development of our officers, so we’re committed to industry-leading training. Our programs focus on instructor-led classes, but also incorporate technology with a comprehensive LMS. This balanced approach ensures that each client has officers assigned to their facility who have been trained to your requirements. 

To support the safety of your commercial property, we offer:

  • A fully-integrated security risk assessment for the corporate campus, including interior, exterior and perimeter security

  • A review that considers campus size, location and demographics, as well as relevant business or industry sectors, facility type, and any relevant risk factors seen in neighboring or nearby businesses, landmarks and residential neighborhoods

  • Security gaps and needs analysis for the campus

  • Access control measures

  • An assessment of current surveillance / CCTV capabilities and needs

  • Campus Lockdown measures

  • Security-related induction requirements for visitors

  • An analysis of your security control room / center and it’s viability

  • Security personnel profiling / hiring / vetting

  • Security-related training for corporate employees

  • Illumination surveys, with an eye toward security lighting in key areas that may be vulnerable, such as parking lots, between-building walkways, and parking structures

  • Security issues within the context of campus health and safety policies

  • In-house investigation procedures, including petty security incidents

  • Provide your personnel with a team of security experts to assist you in meeting tomorrow’s security challenges

Don’t risk the security of your corporate campus.

Contact us today to learn how we can provide your commercial property with the superior security services it and your tenants deserve and expect.

My relationship with Parrish started about 6 years ago, and my first impression was that they were a company with high values and benefits like no other in their industry. The guards they handpicked based on my needs exceed any other in my 18 years of Class A building management. I feel good in knowing that they have accrued vacation, sick time and 401K opportunities they deserve.

I currently have Parrish on all of my properties and will continue to do so.

Mary Ann

Parrish Security Group is very unique in their industry. They value their employees more than any other company I’ve seen, across any industry. They have 93% enrollment in their 401K plan, which is unheard of. The company invests in the best technology to set its employees up for success. The owner (Tom Parrish) puts his people and customers first. He’s a great example of what a true leader is. Whether you’re considering hiring PSG, or going to work for them, I would say DO IT!

Ben Paige

Good management. The company is committed to give 100% security satisfaction to clients through well trained, honest and dedicated officers. The welfare of the officers is also paramount to the company. They make you happy and in-turn you give your best as an officer. This is a new revolution in security because the company doesn’t just talk—they keep to their talk.

Akin Coker

Amazing experience with this company. Contacted many different companies and they are not even close with customer experience Compared to PSG. Will recommend to everyone.

Vova Studennikov

I have been to several locations that use Parrish Security Group for security. I have witnessed their officers encounter people regarding some rules issue. A good security officer will approach a person with a presence of authority but treat the person with dignity. The person will leave the situation feeling respected, and their relationship with the place of business stays positive. It seems that Parrish Security Group does a good job of discerning which people to place in these positions.

James Evans

I have been working with PSG for 2 years. The Company has been a pleasure to work with, from the seasoned officers out in the field to the employee oriented and compassionate company office team. The owner instills the mission in the company to have the officers’ best interest in mind. The company office has strong pillars in office structure to back the Security force in the field to maintain a high quality of service throughout all contracts currently operating in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Great company with Great Structure!

Jorge Deanda

Great, honest, knowledgeable, professional people, absolutely hassle-free. Great to work with. Highest recommendations for Parrish Security Group!

Zaour Chinokayev

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